Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Lord...!

I really wish Jesus would come back so that I don't have to mail out all these damn Christmas cards! Why, oh why do I have to know so many people? I already have arthritis bad enough as it is, my poor wrists will be shot after writing all 200 Christmas cards! Lord have mercy!

Meanwhile, I've been having a good laugh from the news that the Illinois governor was arrested for trying to sell off Barack Obama's seat in the senate. That governor is such a dumbass, hasn't he learned a thing from the Republicans?! You DON'T get busted for money scandals,instead, you get busted for sex scandels. That way, you can put on a show of remorse and say that you are an immoral pig and that you are going to Christian boot camp to "change" from your lewd ways. The Republicans are experts in this, after all, they are the Grand Old Perverts (GOP).

I tell you, it's just a world gone mad!


Brandi said...

OK Madge, I know you have some computer savvy or you wouldn't be posting a blog! Run those envelopes through the printer to address them! It is not my favorite thing to do, but I do understand the arthritis; it hurts!

Thanks for visiting over at my place. I have been missing you!

BDS said...

really wish Jesus would come back so that I don't have to mail out all these damn Christmas cards


Rick said...

Very funny. You don't have to send me a card. that's one less on your list.

I didn't know that Bill Clinton was a Republican.

Madge Sinclair said...


Bill Clinton became a republican when he left office. Why he and Bush Sr. must have shacked up I dunno how many times by now. Why do you think they allowed Clinton to publish his book?

Chris Eldin said...

I make my kids do the cards. It's good for their handwriting practice.

Still laughing at GOP!!

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