Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cards, Bunyons, and Gas! Oh My!

Yes, it has been a busy week. I had to go in last Thursday for a minor foot operation, I had a bunyon the size of a half dollar on my left foot (which I think God gave me as a punishment for kicking a parishioner who cut in front of me at the Eucharist that Sunday).

So I was in bed all week recovering, which I used that time to finish off my Christmas cards and watch some dirty movies. My daughter came into town to help me and she was horrified when she learned that Betty brought me my dirty movies. Her exact words were, "Mother I can't believe you are watching this!" I told her, "Hey! What's the big deal?! Do you think I'm gonna go down to the senior center and find someone to do that with?!"

So to make a long story short she took away my movies and I had to watch Little House on the Prairie. That's ok. I got my revenge after two days of consuming beer and Fritos. I about gassed my darling daughter outta the house! That'll teach her to interupt me when I'm watching "Erotic Days of our Lives!"

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