Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sorry Kids!

I know I have not been on here in awhile. I had all four of my kids in town this last week and the last one didn't leave until yesterday. I have cooked, cleaned, shopped, talked, drank a ton of wine, and played gin rummy for the past 7 days straight! I drank so much wine after learning that Steve and Dana are planning on moving to Kansas City so that they can raise their kid near me. They want their baby to be around grandma (so they can get away with dumping all the hard work off on me!) I thought Dana was unusually nice this time around. I've heard of women changing completely when they get pregnant, but I never expected my conniving, sniveling, whining kvetch of a daughter-in-law to suddenly change into this kind, courteous, happy kind of gal. (Honestly, I feel like she was setting me up for a hit!)

Anyways, I've been in bed all day, and even though it is late, I just can't fall asleep. I need to go make myself a hot toddy, that always does the trick for me. Plus it will knock this slight cold I have out of me. I have lunch tomorrow with Agnes and Betty, and I am sure they too must be exhausted from Thanksgiving. Betty has six kids and they always stay with her instead of a hotel. Agnes has three kids, but they never come around, but lucky for her she is old and senile so she thinks she has company anyways. Besides, two of her kids are locked in a vendetta with each other, so we don't need to get blood on Agnes' nice rugs. (When the Italians say vendetta, they MEAN vendetta!)

Ok, I am getting tired, so I best be getting off here to sip on my hot toddy and dream about squeezing Kevin Kostner's tush. I have been having a major hot flash day, and right now I could almost hump a tree! If only I'd meet a man my age who still had the ability to go at it all night!! Lord have mercy!

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Chris Eldin said...

Hi Madge,
That's *wonderful* news! It really is. This will mean a lot to everyone. My parents live about an hour away, but our relationship is so dysfunctional. Long story. I could go into a rant, but I won't. I just think it's so important for children to have a good relationship with their grandparents.

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