Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Go vote today, I don't care who you vote for (although if you want a suggestion...VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!!!)

Seriously, get your tails out there and vote, kids. Too many of our fellow Americans have died so that you could go vote! I've lived through so many wars now and we've lost a lot of our soldiers over the years. Go out and vote in their honor! And then, come on here and tell me you voted and I'll send you a free sample of my Beano stash! (I get an exclusive potent version of Beano guaranteed to knock the gas out of you!)

I voted at 6am sharp, for "That one."


Brandi said...

Um, well, I voted last week, but I must say our views on the candidates do not agree. But I do agree with you on voting. It is very important not only have so many men and women died in wars protecting our rights, so many women fought hard for me, a woman, to be able to vote. When my grandmother was born, women could not vote!

We've come a long way baby!!!!

Madge Sinclair said...


Just because you voted for McCain and the Alaskan Psycho does not mean I will love you any less! Why did I tell you? Betty is a lifelong republican who (in her own words) would rather become a lesbian than vote democrat.

If only you were here to watch Betty and I go back and forth on our politics! We have fun ribbing each other back and forth!

No matter who wins, I will be thankful when Bush leaves office, that man is just awful.

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