Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well now that's done...!

I just finished putting away all my Halloween decorations for next year. I tell you, I am exhausted! It's not easy being the wicked witch of Kansas City, people expect you to put on a good show every year. Even Maxine has spent the whole morning in her puppy bed, she is so tired she didn't even respond when I offered her a treat!

Now, I am relaxing here sipping my Nescafe, but later I need to go dig out the Thanksgiving decorations and get those set up for later this month. Can you believe it's already November?! Where does the time go? Life like gas, eventually passes you buy...and not in a good way either! Thank the good LORD for beano! Excuse me...

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ChrisEldin said...

Somebody should invent the decoration that's good for any occasion. Madge, you have a background in art, perhaps you could be that person?

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