Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Luncheon at the Senior Center

It was a lot of fun. Betty and I continued our arguments over who will win. She voted for McCain and I voted for Obama. Betty's always been a staunch Republican, and I a staunch Democrat, but we are like sisters so we don't care. Agnes...well if she had a mind left, she'd be an independent. Fortunately, today I was able to sway her to vote my way but it took a LOT of work:

Me: Agnes, you're voting for Obama aren't you?
Agnes: No, I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because it's time for women to rule the country!
Me: Agnes, I agree with you, but Hillary ran in the primaries and lost, now it's between two men: Obama or McCain
Agnes: What?! Hillary is not running anymore?!
Me: She lost the primaries to Obama in June, haven't you been watching the news?
Agnes: Yes, just last night I saw that Dick Cheney endorsed Obama.
Me: Agnes, he endorsed McCain, not Obama!
Agnes: Gee, I thought it was strange that he would back a democrat, after all, he shoots at them for sport.
Me: Oh LORD have mercy! Look, if I drive you to the polls will you vote?
Agnes: Sure

***after she votes***

Agnes: Well I voted!
Me: Who did you vote for?
Agnes: I voted for Oprah!
Me: Oprah isn't running for president!
Agnes: Yes she is, I saw her name above John Wayne's! Oprah's running as a democrat and John is running as a republican, and as much as I loved John Wayne, I had to vote for Oprah!
Me: Agnes, we need to change your prescription, honey...

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