Monday, June 9, 2008

And we're back!

Hi kids,

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! We just got back a couple of hours ago and I haven't even unpacked yet. It is too damn hot to do anything except lay in front of the air conditioner. Sheesh it's going to be a hot summer. And Chicago! My Lord was it humid there! We had a fun time, and no we didn't go see Oprah, we were too busy running a muck on Michigan Avenue.

Agnes wanted to take me to Victoria Secret for some black underwear, but I refused. That stuff rides up on me. So instead we went across the street to the Water Tower Mall. Wow, what a site that was! So many stores, about eight floors or so, and everywhere we went, Betty just had to try all the samples of lotions, perfumes, and facial products. She reeked of them, but hell we didn't care. Then we ate at the "Food Life" cafe, oh my gosh it was good! They had so many cuisines to choose from! Thank God I brought an extra bottle of Tums and Beano otherwise I'd been in trouble!

We did go to Cheesecake Factory, and then to the John Hancock Tower for some wine, they have a bar on the top of the tower and WOW what a sight! I had forgotten how beautiful Chicago was and I am so glad we went up there for my birthday.

And yesterday I went to St. James Cathedral! It is one of the most beautiful Episcopal churches I've ever attended. They even burn incense during the service, oh children, it was lovely.

I had a wonderful trip, although Agnes just about got herself killed when we were at the textile museums. She wanted to hit up every one of those damn museums on the south side, but me and Betty wanted to go enjoy the high life on the Magnificent Mile, so we dragged her kicking and screaming to the car and drove up to the shops and restaurants.

You know you're over 80 when all you care about are textiles!

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