Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Old lady dilemma...

I used to be in what's called an old lady dilemma. Every night when I am in the middle of a brilliant Matlock episode, I have to pee, really bad. Well, it is a tough decision to make. Do I go to the bathroom and take twenty minutes to unroll my stockings, or do I sit through the rest of my show and risk wetting my easy chair?

Well, guess what kids?! The problem's solved! Today, the plumber just installed a brand new toilet in front of my television set! Yes, so now when Matlock comes on, I just sit on the can for an hour and enjoy the show. This also comes in handy when they show reruns of Kevin Costner movies and I get to see his juicy buns plastered on my television screen. Nothing makes me wet myself faster than that tush!

*Now if only I could get my bed and my kitchen installed in here, I'd never have to leave this room for nothing...

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