Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well here we are in Chicago and I am in our hotel lobby trying to figure out this damn computer. Oh well. Today we are going to the Water Tower Place Mall which has 8 floors of shopping, hot damn! I am going to get wild and treat myself to Shiseido cosmetics. They have the best facial care products on the market, but that stuff is expensive. What the hell, I'm 76 today so why not go hog wild, huh?!

Happy Birthday to Meeeee! Eat lots of cake and drink a lot of wine for me! Love you kids.


ChrisEldin said...

I did, Madge, I did!!!

Happy Birthday!!
(Did you go see the Oprah show?)

Madge Sinclair said...

Hi honey, thank you for the birthday wishes! No, we didn't go see Oprah because we were so busy running around the shops on the Magnificent Mile. But if we had the time, we probably would have. I'd love to see Oprah in person and then I could ask her what hair dye she uses. I love that shade and I am thinking of using it for myself.

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