Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why I never drive.

Today I actually drove my car for the first time in a while. I usually never drive anywhere because the gas prices are too high and with my senior discount, I can get around pretty well on the bus. If it wasn't for Agnes, I would have stayed home today.

Agnes called me and asked if I wanted to pick her up, go to lunch, and take her to the drugstore. I figured why the hell not. So I start up the sucker, back it out and I damn near take out my mailbox. After I recover from my mild stroke, I step on the gas and head over to her house.

The real frustration set in when I was making a right turn on Kennedy, and I could not go because of the pedestrians. Well, some senseless boob pulls up behind me and starts honking. I throw up my hands and start swearing. The honking persists and finally I am able to complete my turn. Then that jerk pulls around me, honks, and gives me the finger. So I gave it back double, and that arrogant prick honks again and speeds off.

Where is my shotgun when I need it?

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