Sunday, November 4, 2007

Do they still teach English in school?

This afternoon I went down to the coffee shop to buy some more tea. (I love their teas, they are so fresh and all organic too.)

I stood behind this young gal who couldn't have been older than 21. I noticed she was taking forever and there was a long line behind us. I kid you not, here is how she ordered her beverage:

"I want like a latte like...with like skim...and like medium size...with like no 145 degrees...two like one pump of like sugar free vanilla...and like...and like an extra shot..."

It took her five minutes to get all that out. (And you should have seen the look on that cashier's face!) And it urked me that she used "like." in every phrase. Then her phone rang and she went on in a long tirade of "like" and "she was like...and he was like..."

Good Gawd! Do they not teach kids how to speak proper English anymore?! It disturbed me so much that I'm extra gassy tonight. (LOOK OUT!)

Madge's lesson of the day: Never abuse the English language around any teacher or former teacher!

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