Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Nerve!

To the folks at AT&T. Quit calling me. I paid my damn bill already, quit telling me you never received the check. No, I don't want to charge my monthly bills to my credit card, it's for emergency only. No, I will not give you my checking account numbers over the phone. Bush is listening in and I'll be damned if he gets my savings to buy more booze for his daughters. No I do not want to upgrade my service or add on a cell phone or cable or any of your other crappy services, I am paying you idiots too damn much to begin with.

I said I am not interested in adding on services, quit trying to sell me things I don't need! I want to you fix this billing problem.

Yes. I told you, I mailed out the check two weeks ago, yes I sent it to the correct address. Are you accusing me of being too old and feeble to pay my bills? Ok, well if that's how you want to be, fine, there many other corrupt money hungry phone companies out there who'll give me a good long distance/internet service package! (Click)

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Derrick M. English said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! This put a smile on my face. You are right, AT&T overcharges you for everything, and they always have something going on in their billing department.

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