Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well I just got home from church.

I decided to go to the 8am service, which is the spoken Eucharist, which was lovely. Very monastic. I usually go to the 10 o'clock service but here in an hour, Agnes, Betty, and I are going to be heading out to the mall for lunch and a shopping spree. Agnes won a hundred bucks from bingo this week so she said she'd treat us all to lunch at the mall. (I just hope she wrote this down, given how her mind comes and goes so quickly!)

So yes, I think I'll stop by that lovely bath and body store to pick up some hand creams and oh, I'd love to buy one of those do it yourself foot massage kits too! My feet could sure use some pampering, I just went through corn hell recently, and we're talking lump city, folks. My feet are in dire need of pampering!

Gee, I probably shouldn't be posting so much personal information on the internet, huh? Ah what the hell, you all know I'm gassy and old, I might as well tell you about the corns too!

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brooke said...

8 am services? that's rough madge.

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