Saturday, October 25, 2008

So yesterday I had to renew my license...

Oh I hate having to renew that damned driver's license! And every time I go in for a booklet, they make the driving rules harder and more difficult to comprehend. Look, the only rules we need are 1. Don't speed and 2. Don't hit anyone or anything.

To be honest, kids, I am a horrible test-taker. In the middle of the exam, I cursed out loud, stomped my heels, and finally, I lost it and I broke my pencil in two and tore the test in half. The BMV clerk gave me a funny look, and I snapped, "What's the matter?! Haven't you seen an old woman freak out on a test before?!"

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I long for no one but Him... said...

Ha ha haaa! This was too funny, Madge. I can picture you freaking out like that and the BMV people wondering if you forgot to take your Beano or not!

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