Monday, October 6, 2008

Well hello kids!

How was your weekend? Mine was pleasant despite the fact that my phone rang off the hook. Agnes thinks Alf is living with her again, so she keeps telling me of all his funny shannigans. I stopped telling her that Alf is a fictional character long ago, she just thinks the way she thinks.

Anyways, today I took the day off and I went up to the Metro North Mall for a mid morning walk. I stopped in the pet shop and bought Maxine a doggie bone for being such a good girl and then I went down to AT&T to pay for my first cellular phone bill.

Yes, I finally took to the cellular phone on my own in late August even though my son had bought me one of those prepaid cellular phones a year before. (That thing was crap!) So in August I bought this pearl colored phone designed for seniors. That sucker is easy to use with large buttons and when I open it, the thing automatically answers my calls. Since I decided to get rid of my landline and just keep my internet only, the AT&T man suggested that since I am now using my cellular phone as my primary line, I should go with the 900 minutes package for 60 dollars a month. I have unlimited night and weekend calling along with no long distance charges, which is great because now I can call the kids without watching my time! Oh and I found out that both of my daughters have AT&T which means we can talk for free! All this for 60 dollars?! Hotdamn!

You know, it is kind of nice to be able to go anywhere and be able to listen to Agnes' stories, or James asking me for money, or listening to my daughters tell me about their kids. I never really used my prepaid phone because I couldn't hear anyone, but with my AT&T cellular phone, I hear plenty well. How about that!

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