Monday, September 29, 2008

Well Good morning to you too, Boss!

So this morning I was running 15 minutes late thanks to the damn bus system, and Carl, the primary office clerk decided to gripe to me about it:

Carl: Madge, you were supposed to be in at 8 o'clock!
Me: Oh lighten up, it's not my fault that damn bus was late!
Carl: I don't want your excuses! You could have drove in today.
Me: The hell you say! Have you seen the gas prices lately?! Do you want to fill my tank?!
Carl: Look, just be grateful you still have your job!
Me: Listen, Queenie, you should thank your lucky stars that I was even able to get out of bed today at my age!
Carl: Just don't be late again, ok?!
Me: Or what? You'll fire me?! Ha!

So yes, now I need some Nescafe. Carl hasn't always been like this, but ever since his boyfriend dumped him he's turned into Roseanne Barr...sheesh! Now, excuse me, but I'm gonna go ask her highness where they put my damn creamer!

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Brandi said...

Good morning!
Thanks for you comment over at my place.

Man, I was only gone two days and it has taken me forever to catch up on you blog! Love the new look!

Sorry your boss is so cranky! Mine is always just glad I show up at all so he never complains if I am a bit late which is usually every day!

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