Monday, July 14, 2008 is HOT out there!

For five days now I haven't stepped outside of this house. It is too hot and humid, I can't risk getting a heat stroke. Hell, at my age, I can't risk getting any kind of stroke period. (Not that I'm afraid of dying, I'm not.) I just want to stay alive long enough to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a go-go dancer. Can you imagine that? I think my wrinkles would cause me to stick to those metal poles. (Not to mention the patrons would go blind!)

Anyways, God bless my church. The priest and the verger came over to my house yesterday to give me my portion of the Eucharist. They know me too well!

Hot and Humid weather = cranky vicious Madge.


ChrisEldin said...

Madge, Hope you're staying cool.

Wish I could meet you one day. Might have to wait til my husband is with yours.

Did I just say that? Oh man. I need to stop my drink.

Madge Sinclair said...

Chris Eldin, if I knew you any better, I'd take my ungrateful brats off my will and put you on it as my sole heir.

Till your husband's with mine? Well, I don't think your husband wants to spend a thousand years getting poked and prodded by Lucifer. Ha ha!

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