Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just my luck!

Today I was at Barnes and Noble looking at magazines when I came across Psychology magazine which had a featured study about Darwinism and homosexuality. As I was reading through, I saw a box with ten quick interesting facts listed about gay people. One of them read "gay men's penises are longer and thicker than straight men's penises, on average."

Well shit! That explains why I had such a mediocre sex life all those years with my deadbeat husband! Maybe if I'm a good old lady, God will reincarnate me as a gay man so I can make up for 76 years of bad sex. No wonder straight men hate gay men so much!


Ms. Bunny Swan said...

hoo hoot! You a funny lady, Madge, you know dat? You make Ms. Swan wet herself, you know?

ChrisEldin said...

That's a factoid to be worked into dinner conversation....

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