Friday, May 9, 2008

Walgreens, you must want all my retirement money!

So today after the Noon Day Mass at my Episcopal church, I go to Walgreens for a few things, and lo and behold, another huge sale on all kinds of goodies! What's a retired woman to do? SHOP! So I did. I stocked up on some more cleaning supplies, Beano, cosmetics, and I bought some potting soil because I need to repot the rest of my indoor plants before I put them out on the patio in June.

And with Mother's day coming, I need to go buy some flowers for mama's grave. I always gave her fresh cut flowers when she was alive, and I still give her flowers to this day.

Ok, gotta go, Maxine is wimpering to be let out.

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ChrisEldin said...

Happy Mother's Day, Madge!

(Didn't see you over at my contests this week. Felt sure you'd want a copy of Personal Demons. Perhaps too hot and sexy for you....)


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