Sunday, May 4, 2008

Avon, eat your heart out!

Today Walgreens had a superb sale on cosmetics! You buy one get one 50% off! Hot damn! And just this morning Prunella, my Avon lady called me and asked if there was anything I needed to stock up on, I wisely told her no. Not with this sale anyways! So I headed there after church and picked up some facial products from Olay and Loreal Paris. I thought I'd go wild and give myself facials every other day now. I know Avon and Mary Kay have the same products, but I am saving a bundle by going to Walgreens.

I bought Olay's sensitive skin face cleanser and deep cleansing mask. I then bought Loreal Paris' refreshing toner (alcohol-free) and their anti-wrinkle moisturizer for my face. I was also running low on lip stick, eye liner, and foundation.

I came home and immediately gave myself a facial. This stuff works just as well as Mary Kay and Avon! When I put on the clay mask, Maxine saw me and wanted to lick it off my face. Silly puppy! That mask really sucks the dirt out of your skin. The tube says to use it 1-2 times a week, and I can see why! The toner is really good too. It gets my skin ready for moisturizing. The anti-wrinkle cream is another good buy, my face feels so smooth now, as if I knocked the years off of it!

Now, maybe if I hurry to the bar, I can pick up a rich old fart who is looking for a beneficiary!

Don't wait up!

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