Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oil Executives: "Don't Blame Us!"

I am just as pissed about the gas prices as all of you are, dear children. Which is why when CNN talked about the oil executives testifying to the Senate, I had to stop flipping the channel just for a moment. (I never watch CNN, but I figured, hey this has got to be entertaining.)

So of course, the oil executives blame the wars in the Middle East and the lack of drilling in the U.S. for their price gouging. I am sure they are all lamenting on their way to the bank to cash another 50 million dollar bonus check for bringing in more money to their companies.

Although they did show the clip where Senator Durbin of Illinois laid a guilt trip on them, and the executives looked like they were about to shit themselves... ha ha ha! But of course they came back with more excuses. You know what I have to say about this: Oil executives should cut their fat salaries in half and that would help lower the costs.

But never will you hear any of them advocate for that...

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