Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What the hell is happening, America?

Everyday now I read more and more bad news about our economy. Honestly it scares me. I'm not afraid for my own concerns, my dead-beat jackass of a husband left me enough money to live on until I drop dead at 102. I am very concerned for our children. They have nothing except a massive national debt to bear with. Bush has taken so much from us with his damned war, and for what? So he and his oil buddies can swim nude together in vaults of gold coins?

This is America. We have so much money as a nation that we should be able to take care of everyone. Our children should have access to education (as a former teacher I STRONGLY support any legislation that allows for ALL of our children to have equal access to education.) Well it looks like America is heading for a major recession.

Trust me, kids, I grew up in the 30s and 40s, that was rough. Our idea of luxury back then was having a roll of toilet paper in the outhouse. Most people couldn't afford to wipe their asses let alone eat.

If we must face a recession, children, let us learn to live frugally and stop our irrational spending. If I can grow up on having meals of bread and butter with a cup of broth, then so can you. If I can grow up using only the leaves off our trees to finish my business on the can, then so can you. (Though I fear that with my current state of overactive bowels, there won't be a leaf left in Kansas City!)


Church Lady said...

I read this earlier and wanted to comment.
But now I'm no longer sober.

My DH works overseas handling investments. The truth is (in addition to what you said) is that the dollar is the lowest it's been in 30 years. The 7 billion dollar cash infusion into Citi Group will run out fast --a temporary bandaid and that's why the Dow Jones has gone up and it's just a false sense of security. The war of course is a constant drain. Someone should've stopped Alan Greenspan a long time ago because the U.S. will be in an economic mess.

I say this because I love this country and mourn the days of a decade ago. Such damage one presidency can do, in my opinion.

Who knows how bad it will get. I have a friend who works at Walter Reed Hospital. You know, the hospital they bring injured soldiers to and it's a national icon. The supply closets are empty. People are hoarding manilla folders and paper clips. Folks, this country is running out of money. It will take some time to come out of this mess.

Hopefully, it won't get as bad as Madge had to deal with. But there is a possibility.

There. I said all this on three glasses of wine. Hopefully nothing too stupid.

Madge Sinclair said...

Our country is running out of money because the top 1% keep hoarding it all to themselves. Corrupt corporations are bleeding America dry.

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