Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I just got an early Christmas present.

Well, Christmas is here early. My son James came over to give me an early present. I asked him why he couldn't wait till December 25th, but he insisted that this is something I should not go another day without, to which I replied, "Oh, you tackled Kevin Costner, stripped him naked and wrapped him up for me?" James said no. (Damn!) So here's how the opening of my present went...

Me: I can't work this damn thing!
James: Mom, where did you get that language? This isn't a thing, it's a cell phone.
Me: What the hell do I need a cell phone for? It's bad enough that Agnes rings my home phone off the hook only to tell me she had another hot flash.
James: Mom, you live all alone. If something happened to you here, or while you were out, I'd feel terrible if you couldn't call for help.
Me: I see your point, but I am not helpless. If I don't return Agnes or Betty's phone calls within 30 minutes they always send half the fire department down here to look for me.


Church Lady said...

Give it back and tell him to get you the iPhone.


But it sounds like you do need one. That's a nice gift.

Madge Sinclair said...

What the heck is an iphone?

Church Lady said...

It's a phone with a little screen.
You can send emails.
You can listen to songs.
You can watch Kevin Costner movies.


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