Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thirteen Moons

Yesterday at the book store I stumbled upon a gem: Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier. They had hardcover copies on clearance for 5.99. Well, for one thing I loved the cover, it is very well done. Second, I read the description, very captivating. And then I read the first couple of pages. The writing is beautiful, spell binding, and filled with crisp, delicious descriptions. I immediately had to buy this book. And you know, I think I'll get a copy for Betty and Agnes because they too like to read Historical Fiction.

(Of course, I'll tell them that I paid 30 bucks per book instead of 6 bucks so that come Christmas time they'll feel obliged to spend that much on me!)

Update: I finished the book. Can you believe it? Not ONE scene of gratuitous sex?! They call this historical fiction?! We all know that cowboys and Indians had sex, otherwise there would be no people on the earth today!

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