Thursday, November 1, 2007

Madge's 10 Warning Signs of Death.

Madge Sinclair's Ten Warning Signs of Death:

1. Your children start visiting you during the week.
2. Your doctor won't let you post-date a check.
3. You can't eat Cream of Wheat because it's too spicy.
4. Getting out of bed turns into a 60 minute workout.
5. Drinking water makes you tipsy.
6. The funeral home insists you make an appointment now before they get booked up.
7. Instead of giving you communion, the priest gives you the Last Rites.
8. Sleeping is your only form of exercise.
9. You've fallen and you don't want to get up.
10. You can't nibble on a saltine cracker because it's too high in fiber.


Brandi said...

Hello Madge,

You don't know me, I am a lurker. I stumbled across your blog the other day and I love it. You remind me of my Granny Grunt (she is really my aunt and yes, that is really what we call her!) full of spit and vinegar. I really enjoy your blog and wanted you to know you have a fan!

Madge Sinclair said...

Brandi, my dear, thank you for your lovely comment. You know this blogging thing is a world of fun. I am so glad you enjoy my blog! Granny Grunt sounds just like my dear friend Agnes. (Though Agnes talks non-stop, and while it's annoying, I believe she does it so she knows she's still alive.)

Keep in touch, kiddo and spread the word, I love fans. (Hey I'm old, I love attention!)



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