Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's Saturday.

Saturday. Time to do my cleaning. This is the day I also get the most exercise, naturally. I start my mornings by playing one of my jazz records (yes I still use a record player, and today I am listening to Miles Davis.) And then I get to work with the washing and ironing (I use Tide, in case you're curious.) After the laundry, I sweep and mop my floors, dust my bookshelves, arrange my knick knacks, clean and water all my plants, vacuum the carpets, clean out the bathroom, and prepare a shopping list for the afternoon in case I forgot anything on my main shopping day.

By the time Saturday evening rolls around, I usually reward myself with a glass of brandy and a good book in my comfy chair next to the window. I have a large sack of novels Agnes gave me to read. Right now I am finishing up The Maytrees by Annie Dillard and then I'll start on one of those Rex Stout Nero Wolfe mysteries Agnes gave me. (I do love Rex Stout's work.)

Ok, well my little break is here is coming to an end, so I better finish the ironing and get on to other chores. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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