Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello my dears.

I am sorry I haven't posted for awhile. The weather took a cold turn so I haven't been feeling well. And to make matters worse, Agnes kept calling me to make plans:

Agnes: Madge, do you want to go to lunch today?
Me: Not unless it involves taking a ton of NyQuil. *cough *cough
Agnes: Are you sick?
Me: What do you think?
Agnes: Well what ails you?
Me: I have just a slight touch of anthrax, dear, but what really ails me is your stupidity. *cough *cough *gasp *wheez *cough

So yes, today I am finally feeling better. Note to self: get Agnes some brains for Christmas.

Ok, now where I did put my hot toddy?


Libby Loo said...

Madge, I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling sick! I'm crossing my fingers for your recovery so you can be strong enough for the Thanksgiving complaints from the outlaw (that's my word for the crazy inlaws ;) ). I think hot toddies and sherry would be perfect.

Take good care of yourself!

Madge Sinclair said...

Hi Libby,

Thank you for the well wishes, and yes I feel one hundred percent better. When you get old, something minor like a head cold really takes the energy out of you.

As for the outlaw, Dana, I've got some whoopie cushions for her! ha ha!

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