Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ah winter...

Such a peaceful season! Thank the good Lord my home has a fire place, a gas fire place, so it's easy to manage. Today it's about 23 degrees out there, which to me is very cold. Today I have stayed in all day with Maxine drinking Ovaltine, knitting, reading, and planning out my day tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to the early service, and then I need to report to the senior center since it's my Sunday to do meals on wheels for our shut-ins. I love visiting the shut-ins, we swap stories and recipes, and we play cards till sunset. It's against the center's policy, but I always sneak in some wine for everyone. Hey, nothing like some wine, cards, and laughter to brighten up what otherwise can be a miserable existence. I feel very lucky that I can still live at home and do whatever the hell I want to at my age.

I encourage all of you, dear children, to go visit the elderly in your area. A lot of us have no one anymore and it's really disheartening. You have no idea how much joy you can bring into these peoples' lives until you go out and visit them. It makes a real difference.

Happy Saturday!


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