Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back by popular demand.

Well I am now back to being pink by popular demand. Honestly I wanted to change it because it reminded me of those Mary Kay sales nazis who never stop trying to recruit you to join their cult of consultants.

But, I am here to please you, children, so back to pink it is!


Ok, here's what's going on today:

- I need to go to the library and return my trashy romance novels, and check out another stack for the week.

- I need to run by Walgreens and get a refill on my prescription, and I need to pick up their sales flier and see what deals I can snag today.

-Then it's off to the grocer for some more Nescafe, vegetables, and my ingredients for my homemade vegetable beef soup (now that the weather is cooling off).

-And then tonight Agnes, Betty, and I are going out to the Olive Garden over in the Kansas City, Kansas side of the city.

Well I guess that's what I'd call a busy Saturday! Have a good day, kids, and whatever you do, don't buy store bought potato tastes awful and gives you the worst gas on the planet, LOOK OUT!


Bud said...

Hi, Madge. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a fun sot you've created here. And yes, you're right about store bought potato salad or anything with mayo. Taking a big chance with that stuff.

ChrisEldin said...

Love the pink!
You're a colorful gal. You deserve, well, a colorful color!

ChrisEldin said...

DH has been traveling about a month. Things 1 and 2 have been with me nonstop for almost 3 weeks (home sick from school, vacation days, teacher days, etc) So today was my first day both were in school together! Yay. I had to restock some wine.
Feel better now...

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