Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well hi there, kids, I miss you!

Hi there. Sorry for going for so long without saying hello. I have been a busy old lady this last month. First of all, I have a new job, part time, purely for the hell of it. The Board of Health said that if I don't spend at least 20 hours outside my house, they will have no choice to board it up for all my toxic old lady fumes have caused the street to suffer from lung disease. (But it is summer, I don't like the heat and humidity!)

So I found a job at my Episcopal church. I am their part time secretary, which is kind of fun. I love my fellow parishioners and taking their phone calls is a delight:

Me: Thank you for calling St. Peter's Episcopal Church, this is Madge how may I help you?
Agnes: You're missing the Young and the Restless!
Me: I know, Agnes, I know. Now cut to the chase and tell me about all the raunchy sex scenes and drama!

So as you can see, kids, I love being a working girl again. I know financially I don't need it, but dammit, I need to get outta the house every now and then, and there is just so much you can do in Kansas City before going absolutely raving mad (like Agnes).

Meanwhile, Betty has been up in Montana visiting her sister, so it has been rather quiet around here, oh, except of course Agnes still calls me non-stop because apparently the next door neighbors have installed cameras into her house and like watching her bathe. (Agnes, honey, get professional help!)

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