Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh Brother...

So my son James, just emailed me about Thanksgiving. Looks like grandma's going to be breaking her back again this year. And to make matters worse, he sends me a list of foods he and Dana would like me to prepare. But that's not all... He sends me a picture of the food he wants prepared, just in case I am too blind to read the email! Why that little...

So here is the photograph for you all to gawk at:

It sure looks delicious, but do I look like Sara Lee?! I just now sent him the following response:

Dear James,

I received your request of what I need to cook for Thanksgiving. I don't think the turkey in the picture you sent me is big enough. Here, I found a picture of an even bigger bird...

Do you think this will be enough food for everyone?




ChrisEldin said...

I LOVE your new look!!!
And the food. Can your really cook that? No wonder your kids are asking. I want some too...

Madge Sinclair said...

Well, those dirty rotten kids are going to get the same damn food I make every year: Turkey, stove top stuffing, canned gravy, a large package of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce from the deli, and green beans. For dessert I'll pick up a couple of pies from the bakery down on Jackson street.

At my age, why should I break my back?!

peggy said...

I love your blog..I wanna be just like you when I grow wait, I don't wanna grow don't haveta grow up...will you be my gramma ?

Well. okay I'm too old to have you as my almost a gramma, then we can head out for a few brewskis and watch for alien beans!

ChrisEldin said...

Ahhh! Peggy's here!
She's into aliens, you know.

Oldest son is a vegetarian, and youngest son doesn't like turkey, so we've been having mashed potatoes and pie the past couple of years.

Madge Sinclair said...

Hi Peggy, welcome to my page, dear, it is nice to hear from you. Of course I'll be your grandmother, and no you are not too old. I am over a hundred years old, so I can even be Agnes' grandmother, and she is in her 80s!


I would be more than happy to accommodate for any vegetarians, I love vegetarians because that means more turkey for granny!

Irisrainbow said...

I see that there is a bowl of FRUIT in the background of your son's picture. Who the hell eats fruit on Thanksgiving? Besides the vegetarians, that is.
Also, he send a picture, because he thinks you can't see! And yet he trust you enough to cook for him . . . strange, very strange.

Madge Sinclair said...


Kids always think they know everything by the time they're 40. Bah to that says I!

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