Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's see what's on sale this week!

Every Tuesday I get the new sales fliers from Walgreens and CVS in the mail. It's really the only exciting thing about Tuesdays anymore, ever since they arrested that streaker on fifth avenue.

Ok, kids. Here's what's on sale:

-Charmin 4 packs, 2/$5 (this is not a good bargain for me considering the fact that I go through at least 8 rolls a day.)
-Post cereals, any variety, 2 for $5. (Not bad)
-Fig Newtons, buy one get one free. (Oh darn! I can't eat fig newtons, they repeat on me.)
-Nescafe is on sale for 2/$12! (I better stock up!)
- Metamucil is 50 cents off (Please! They call that a "sale?!")
-2 dollars off Beano (Whew! Now Kansas City can take a collective sigh of relief!)
-KY Jelly is on sale for 3.99 a tube. (Hot Damn! I'll take 6!)
- 2 dollars off selected wines (yes!!!)
-Trojan condoms are also on sale...(Good, maybe now those hicks up the street will use them so we can prevent them from doing more inbreeding.)

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