Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is it November yet?

I just can't stand watching the news or reading the papers anymore! The media has gone nuts over this Palin woman from Alaska! Big crocking deal! I raised four kids, lived with a crazy husband, and I had a career on top of being active in church, and I did not have as much money as this Palin-bot! Did I get rewarded with a VP nomination? No! But I did get my husband's inheritence, which I enjoy very much thanks to that frugal dirtbag!

Now, about the Palin mask patent for Halloween, some big law firm called me up claiming to represent Hallmark. Apparently, if I sell even a single mask, my ass will get sued because Hallmark invented the masks the split second Johnny boy announced her as his running "mate." Damn those hallmark pigs! They're always planning way in advanced for the holidays!

Oh well, I have one trick up my sleeve. Hallmark cannot get the patent rights on my other scary Halloween tradition: my good friend Agnes O'Rourk! (Betty, if you're reading this, Agnes is mine this year. I need to get my revenge on those kids who egged my car!!!!!!)


ChrisEldin said...

Have you seen Tina Fey doing the Sarah Palin impersonation? It's hysterical!

Hello and Welcome! said...

Madge, I totally agree!

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