Thursday, September 25, 2008

I need to get going...

I have a ten o'clock appointment with Prunella my Avon lady. Did I tell you, she opened her own beauty parlor down by Main? She received her cosmetology license last month and she secured a nice little place to open her shop. I went down on Saturday to see her grand opening and I must say, she really went all out. I asked her if she was still going to sell Avon, and she said yes, but she will only sell it at the shop. I was relieved. I love their hand creams, so now I can just go down there after work and pick up my Avon products and gossip with all the other old ladies in town.

Prunella hired two younger gals, one to cut hair, and the other does nails. Where she found these two brilliant stylists, I'll never know. The shop is fairly spacious, and the property owner gave her an exceptional deal on her rent, I guess they've been trying to find someone to rent out the retail space for quite some time. Well, enough jabbering, I need to take Maxine for a walk and then I better head down to Prunella's for my full makeover! (Yes, she promised me the Works: Facial, Manicure, Hair coloring and styling all for 50 bucks!)

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