Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sell cosmetics? At my age?!

Today in church a lady whom I've known a couple of years asked me if I would attend her daughter's first Mary Kay party earlier this afternoon. She told me that her daughter started selling Mary Kay and needed to have at least five ladies attend the party to learn about cosmetics. So, being the sweet old lady that I am, I flatly refused, stating that I am too damn old to apply paint to my wrinkles. But the lady begged me, so I said yes.

The girl's director was there to oversee her first party, and let me tell you something, yes we did talk about makeup and cosmetics, but the director kept talking non-stop about how wonderful Mary Kay is and that all of us should become consultants so that we can get free cars. Of course, I rolled my ancient eyes at the idea, and then the director looked at me and said, "You know Madge, I know lots of older women who have become successful consultants. Just think, you could be financially independent with your own business!"

I looked at that leach and said, "I tell you how to get financially independent, ladies. Marry a rich bastard and pray he leaves you everything when he croaks."

I'm sorry, but I am too old for this shit. Mary Kay is all hype anyways. I knew a gal who earned the "free" pink cadillac, but when her sales slipped, Mary Kay took her car away. Everything they do has strings attached--in favor of Mary Kay, Inc. No thank you, I don't want to alienate my friends just to make a few dollars off of overpriced powders and creams.

Note to Mary Kay: Leave Madge Sinclair alone! I buy from Avon, not you. And I will never sell your crap, either.


ChrisEldin said...

THis is interesting because it's become somewhat of a fad to have these kinds of sales parties.
Baskets, perfume, tupperware, (yes even dildos though I haven't been to one of those yet).
It's irksome. Friends just can't hang out anymore. They have to buy crap.
Good on you for turning this 'opportunity' down.

Madge Sinclair said...

People actually have a dildo party? Oh Lord! Please tell me they don't do what Mary Kay makes you do--try out the product in front of everyone!

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