Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can't I go out for breakfast without losing it afterwards?

This morning I went to Einstein Bagel Brothers for their six cheese bagel with the onion and chives cream cheese. (To die for!) Well as I was eating, this young couple left the establishment and went out to the parking lot. They started kissing each other in such a way that Phil Donahue himself would blush.

Had it not been winter they probably would have torn each other's clothes off and went at it then and there. Disgusting! Can't an old lady eat her breakfast without testing her gag reflex?

And to make matters worse, at church they served us the cheap crummy wine at communion. Dammit I am Episcopalian, we deserve only the best wines in honor of Christ!

I miss Hawaii, sheesh!

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ChristineEldin said...

Sorry Madge, but he's my man, and just because you pretend to eat bagels, don't you forget I'm watching you watching my man and

oh, heck.... can't really carry on too long like that without sounding nuts.

Welcome back! Hope you had a great time in Hawaii.

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