Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Olive Garden with the gals.

Well children today I had lunch with Betty and Agnes at the Olive Garden. It has been awhile since we all got together. The girls were out of town visiting their kids for the holidays while I enjoyed a mostly quiet holiday at home with Maxine. It was nice to celebrate the new year with them at the Olive garden.

Which reminds me, I need to write them a thank you letter. After griping to them about their stale garlic bread for two years they finally improved the quality. See? What did I tell you? The bitchy wheel gets the grease...eventually.

Today at lunch we talked about our resolutions. Betty decided to take up pottery again, while Agnes has resolved to be the first 80 year old on the moon. (I'm going to take her to the planetarium next time they do a film on the moon, she won't know the difference.)

As for my resolution, I have decided to stop wearing bikini underwear. Every time I do, it gets stuck in my behind and then I spend the next forty minutes trying to fish it out. I am not getting any younger you know, so I have to make sacrifices in order to keep living life on easy street.

Happy New Year!


Brandi said...

Happy New Year to you too Madge. I love your blog so keep up the good writing in 2008!

Church Lady said...

I ditto brandi!

Madge Sinclair said...

Thanks gals!

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