Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Republican Party.

I am fed up with the Republican Party. They've been over run by a bunch of hypocritical closeted homosexuals for far too long and frankly I am fed up with it. Come out of the closet you idiots and stop passing these homophobic laws that hurt our children, and my darling nephew Stevie.

Honestly I think they like passing anti-gay laws because that way they can continue to have kinky sex in the public restrooms instead of coming out and having sex in the privacy of their homes. If gays were given equal status in our society, then the Republicans would be forced to bump and grind in their own homes instead getting their sexual highs in our public restrooms.

Hell I'm sure Bush penetrates Cheney just for shit and giggles. It's no big secret that Bush will gladly shaft anyone and anything. I think that's why he fired Donald Rumsfeld, because old Donald lost interest in Bush and he wanted to go after pubescent choir boys. (Look out Catholic priests, you all have competition now!)

And don't get me started on the Christian Coalition. That is the gayest orgy of an organization in our country!

Madge says enough with the hypocrisy, all Americans deserve to live open honest lives with equal rights and justice for all.

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Church Lady said...

I agree with everything you said here. But I don't think I could've written it as, uh, nakedly.

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