Monday, November 19, 2007

When not to patronize me...

My dear friends sometimes don't know when to stop. Especially when I am not in a good mood...

Agnes: Madge, how are you feeling?
Me: Picture Roseanne Barr on her period and after she just divorced Tom Arnold and stubbed her big fat toe in a door with splinters...
Agnes: Oh my, well you look lovely. Doesn't she look just lovely Betty?
Betty: Yes, just lovely.
Me: And I look even more lovely when I am sittin' on the can waiting to pass a kidney stone while using every ****ing swear word in the book!


Church Lady said...

How are you feeling now?

How about now?

And now?


Madge Sinclair said...

Actually today I am feeling ok. I have my hot toddy and a flashy romance novel with lots of explicit sexuality, so it will indeed be a good day.

(But oh Gawd! Thanksgiving is two days away, help me!)

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