Sunday, November 4, 2007

This is why I have a shotgun handy...

So this evening I got a phone call from Betty...

Me: How's your Sunday, Betty?
Betty: I'm exhausted.
Me: How come?
Betty: Someone rang my doorbell at 3 this morning.
Me: Who was it?
Betty: I dunno, I didn't answer. Who would ring a doorbell at 3am?
Me: A Jehovah's Witness with a caffeine problem?!


ORION said...

I loved your post on rejector and had to follow you back - then laughed my ass off after reading your posts.
BTW I am a former teacher and like...I know what you mean...

Madge Sinclair said...


Not only do young people NOT know how to speak English, but apparently they're all going deaf too. I tried to get one's attention, and I tell you I had to almost scream at them to get them to hear me. Damn earphones! gah!

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