Monday, November 26, 2007

Suze Orman

Suze Orman...I am sick of her and her phony smile. I love lesbians, don't get me wrong, (hell I thought Agnes was a lesbian for the longest time) but Suze Orman needs to stop peddling her crap "advice."

Yet, people flock to her like she's Jesus. I'm sorry, but buying self help books won't solve all your problems, children. All you're doing by wasting money on these books is solving the publishers' problems of declining sales.

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Church Lady said...

Oh, my feathers are ruffled!

She is actually a social worker initially. That's what her training is in.

And she's dyslexic. She can't read. She's had to overcome this huge obstacle to get to where she is.

I like her motto: People first. Then money. Then things.

And she has a boyfriend. Not that I would care if she were a lesbian.

Oh Madge, I may need some more wine to get over this post.

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