Friday, November 23, 2007

Every dish in my house was used!

So yes, I have a ton of washing up to do today. Every single dish I own was used at dinner yesterday. Oh and I got to get out of going shopping this morning. Nothing like faking a cold to be able to stay in on a cold morning! But hey, it was fun having all four of my kids gathered under the roof again. Only now I am so feeble that I could not spank them even if I tried.

But we did have some fun conversations about sex, which set Dana off on a tangent:

Dana: James! How dare you talk about something like that in front of your own mother?!
Me: Oh Dana lighten up. Just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm no longer interested in sex. Hell if Kevin Costner were in my bed, I'd ride him all day and all night!
James: Ugh, Mother!
Me: So go ahead, James, finish your story about your co-worker Bob and his steamy love affair with the manager...


Church Lady said...


Chumplet said...

I try not to think of what my parents thought when they read the love scenes in my romance novel.

Nah... I don't wanna know.

I stumbled on your blog through Church Lady (above). I love painting, too!

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