Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heeeeere's Madge!

Well hi there. My name is Madge Sinclair, I'm a hip old braud who lives in Kansas City. I retired ten years ago after a life long lucrative career of raising four kids and living with an ill-tempered husband who ran me like a servant. (Actually I taught Art and Art History at my local community college for many years.)

But I survived it, folks. I am in my 70s, and I live each day with gratitude that my husband is dead and my kids grown and out of the house. For once I can do whatever the pork I want and no one will stop me, not now not ever! (Fortunately, my husband left me a nice sum, so look out kids, granny's loaded!) Oh! Ouch, yep, I'm loaded right now...excuse me...

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